Canary Hot Sauce

The Canarian hot sauce is the spicy touch that your recipes needed. Enjoy our spicy Canarian sauce in your meat, fish or stew dishes. The Masapé gives you the perfect spicy touch!


Product details

IngredientsVinegar (SULFITES), water, cayenne pepper, salt, garlic, dried pepper, thickener (E-415).
AllergensMay contain traces of sulfites
Manufacturing processReceipt of raw materials > storage > Washing and disinfection of the product > Peeling/cutting of ingredients > Mixing of ingredients > Packaging and labeling > Storage (room temperature) > Distribution (room temperature)
Target populationThe general public
Packaging and formatPlastic container: 90ML
ConservationStore in a cool and dry place
Instructions for useReady to eat
BatchBATCH No.: aa-b-yy-ddd
aa: Internal product code
b: Day of manufacture (if the same product is made with the same raw material but from a different batch, the manufacturing number must be changed, by default it will be 0. If this happens, increase the next one made of the same product)
yy: The last two digits of the year of manufacture
ddd: Numerical day of the year of manufacture, counting from January 1st
Expiration dateTwo years after its manufacturing date