Gofio Cookies

Masapé combines the most traditional ingredient of the Canary Islands with our homemade cookie recipe. Taste and enjoy the Gofio Cookies. Try the cookies with the most Canarian flavor!

Product details

IngredientsWheat flour, oil, sugar, lard, eggs, milk, aniseed, and lemon
AllergensCereals containing Gluten and their derivatives, Eggs and their derivatives, Milk and their derivatives
Target PopulationAll general public
Packaging and FormatBOXES: 30 units 320g
StorageRoom temperature
How to UseReady to consume
BatchBATCH NO: aa-b-yy-ddd
aa: Internal product code
b: Manufacturing number of the day (if the same product is made with the same raw material but from a different batch, the manufacturing number must be changed, by default it will be 0. If this happens, the next one made of the same product will increase)
yy: The last two digits of the manufacturing year
ddd: Numeric day of the manufacturing year, counting from January 1st
Expiration2 months from manufacturing