Gomeran Cookies

The symbol of La Gomera desserts are its sugar cookies made 100% by hand and following our usual recipe, they leave no one indifferent. Made in the most traditional way and made with love!

Product details

IngredientsWHEAT flour, sugar, refined seed oil (SOY, sunflower, corn, and grape), water, margarine [refined vegetable fats and oils (sunflower), water, emulsifier (E-471), salt, acidulant (E-330), preservative (E-200), flavor], Iberian pork lard, EGG, MILK powder, raising agent [leavening agents (E-450i, E-500ii), cornstarch and anti-caking agent (E-170, E-470b)], aniseed, preservative agent [preservatives (E-282, E-202), antioxidant (E-300) and cornstarch], lemon zest. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS, SULPHITES, SULPHUR DIOXIDE, SESAME, AND DAIRY DERIVATIVES.
AllergensCereals containing Gluten and derived products, Eggs and derived products, Soy and derived products, Milk and derived products, May contain traces of nuts, May contain traces of sesame, May contain traces of sulphites and sulphur dioxide
Production ProcessRaw material reception > Storage > Ingredient weighing > Mixing (t: 25 min) > Cookie forming (T: room temp; t: 20 min. approx) > Baking (T: 130-200°C; t: 23 min. approx) > Cooling (T: room temp) > Storage > Packaging and Labeling > Distribution (T: room temp)
Target PopulationFor the general public
Packaging and FormatCardboard container: 320g; Blister: 370g
StorageStore in a cool and dry place
Directions for UseReady to eat
BatchBATCH No: aa-b-yy-ddd
aa: Internal product code
b: Manufacturing number of the day (if the same product is made with the same raw material but from a different batch, the manufacturing number must be changed, by default it will be 0. If this happens, the next time the same product is made, the number will increase)
yy: The last