Single-Dose Cookies

El Masapé also has its most traditional Gomeran biscuits in single-dose format so you can enjoy them with a coffee. Enjoy El Masapé and cookies made with love!

Product details

IngredientsWheat flour (GLUTEN), sugar, refined sunflower oil, pork fat, water, margarine, egg (EGGS), milk powder (DAIRY), raising agent [leavening agents (E-450i, E-500ii), corn starch and anti-caking agent (E-170) (E551)], green aniseed, preservatives (E-282, E-202), lemon zest. May contain traces of NUTS AND SESAME.
AllergensCereals containing Gluten and derived products, Eggs and derived products, Milk and derived products
Target populationAll general public
Packaging and formatBOXES: 30 units 320Gr
StorageRoom temperature
Instructions for useReady to eat
BatchBATCH No: aa-b-yy-ddd
aa: Internal product code
b: Manufacturing number of the day (if the same product is made with the same raw material but from a different batch, the manufacturing number must be changed, by default it will be 0. If this happens, increase the following one that is made of the same product)
yy: The last two digits of the manufacturing year
ddd: Numeric day of the manufacturing year, counting from January 1st
Expiration2 Months from manufacturing