Tuno Jam

The most special jam of El Masapé is the prickly pear jam. Made from this traditional fruit in the Canary Islands, it is characterized by its special and different flavor. Try the most special jam of El Masapé!

Product details

IngredientsPrickly pear (33%), papaya (33%), sugar, orange juice, thickener (E-440), acidulant (E-330), preservative (E-202), ground cinnamon, lemon peel.
AllergensMay contain traces of gluten, May contain traces of soy, May contain traces of dairy derivatives, May contain traces of tree nuts, May contain traces of sesame, May contain traces of sulfites and sulfur dioxide
Manufacturing ProcessRaw material reception > Storage > Peeling of ingredients > Mixing (Initial T: 100°C; t: 10 min) > Cooking (Final T: 140°C ; t: 30-40 min. Approx)) > Grinding (T: 140°C; t: 10-15 min > Packaging and Labeling > Distribution (T: ambient)
Target PopulationAll general public
Packaging and FormatGlass jar: 40g, 290g. Plastic tub: 4kg
StorageStore in a cool and dry place
Instructions for UseReady for consumption
BatchBATCH No: aa-b-yy-ddd
aa: Internal product code
b: Manufacturing number of the day (if the same product is made with the same raw material but from a different batch, the manufacturing number must be changed, by default it will be 0. If this occurs, increase the number for the next production of the same product)
yy: The last two digits of the manufacturing year
ddd: Numeric day of the manufacturing year, counting from January 1
ExpirationTwo years after its manufacturing date