El Masapé is a family business of Gomeran origin dedicated to the elaboration of typical Canarian products in an artisan way using quality raw materials and trying to transmit in each of its products the love and the history of the company of Gomeran origin.

In Alojera, a village on the island of La Gomera, Doña Aniceta‘s handmade biscuit production gave birth to El Masapé. In 2006 her son Domingo decided to continue Aniceta’s legacy, following his dream of forming a company that would take the Canarian flavour outside the islands, and started from scratch the project we know today as El Masapé.

In the beginning, El Masapé made Gomeran biscuits, following the traditional recipe of Doña Aniceta, along with other products such as jams, Canarian mojos and Canary Island palm sap, which were sold in different shops on the island of La Gomera. As the company grew, the rest of the products that today make up the flavour of El Masapé were added. For the company, it is essential that they are always handmade, preserving the essence of the love and affection that Doña Aniceta passed on to Domingo and which he has always tried to preserve and pass on to consumers.

Through effort, perseverance and following the philosophy of Doña Aniceta, who knew how to transmit the love for this artisan work, El Masapé is today an internationally recognised company that has taken the product and the Canarian flavour outside the islands through the name of El Masapé.


Our objective is not only to place the quality Canarian product in national and international markets, but also to be able to transmit the culture and the most traditional and exquisite flavor of Canarian gastronomy. We seek to transport memories and illusion to our customers through the traditional recipes that we elaborate with love and dedication in El Masapé seeking to satisfy the palates of our customers.


Our philosophy is a combination of culture, tradition and renewal. El Masapé is a company without limits with a focus on evolution, but without losing sight of its beginnings. From the beginning, our purpose is that our products, made with love, are small ambassadors of the Canarian gastronomic culture capable of transmitting and creating memories and bringing happiness.

At El Masapé we offer consumers pills of Canarian gastronomy with the desire to transport to them the love and dedication for the artisan product. When you choose El Masapé, you are choosing to enjoy unique moments.