Our history

El Masapé was born in the Gomeran village of Alojera by the hand of Aniceta who used to bake handmade cookies in a wood-fired oven for the villagers and tourists visiting the area. From the age of 16, Ancieta baked her traditional sweets in the wood-fired oven that is still preserved today to symbolize the true essence of El Masapé. Following the tradition of more than thirty years of Aniceta, in 2006 her son Domingo decided to continue her legacy and start from scratch the project we know today as El Masapé. Together with his mother, he made Gomeran cookies, green and red mojos, almogrote, different jams, Canary Island palm sap and liqueurs that he sold to the island’s merchants. For El Masapé, it is essential to preserve the traditional and familiar flavor of Aniceta’s recipes and transmit them through the flavors of its Canarian products.

El Masapé distributes traditional Canarian products to countries inside and outside Europe bringing the authentic flavor of the Canarian culture, tradition and love for this family work. For El Masapé there are no limits and they focus on the evolution and growth at international level to bring the Canarian gastronomy to all parts of the world, but always remembering its beginnings in the small town of Alojera. Our purpose is that our products made with the love of the traditional recipes of Aniceta are able to transmit happiness, transport and create memories.

Through effort, perseverance and following the philosophy of Aniceta, who knew how to transmit the love for this artisan work, El Masapé is today a company of international recognition that has taken the product and the Canarian flavor outside the islands through the name of El Masapé.

El Masapé.